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What we are about

Hello! We are Steve and Kimberly Lee, husband and wife team with a love for solving problems with creativity. Sometimes it's hard to know who is on the other end of a website, that's why we like to show our face and not hide. Lee's Treasure Chest was born out of a life long love of art and design. When I first learned back in high school that I could put my own artwork on t-shirts I was hooked. From there it was doing t-shirts for family, friends then businesses and just never stopped. Technology has allowed us to make the custom printing process easier and to expand to printing mugs, mousepads, activewear and more! We realize that not every apparel decorator is the same and neither are the garments they produce. We don't want to be everyone's apparel decorator, just yours. We invite you to join us on this creative journey and let's make something memorable together! - Steve
"Two things define you. Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything."

We truly believe in the transformative power of serving others by solving problems and adding value to people's lives. Custom printing is the means by which we accomplish this. Taking peoples ideas and bringing them to life is truly inspiring.


It started with a dream and then an idea. That idea was given a foundation and an infrastructure to stand on. Then it became a reality. Our mission is to create a better life for people everyday and we are excited about serving you on this creative journey!


When you support us, you help to support our give back initiative.