About Us

A Little About Us

Hello! We are Steve and Kimberly Lee, husband and wife team with a love for reselling with creativity. We truly believe in the transformative power of serving others by solving problems and adding value to people's lives. Reselling is the means by which we accomplish this.

Let's all do our part in helping our planet take on less waste. By reselling retail merchandise at resell prices and giving it a second life, we reduce waste to our planet. You get a great deal in the end. Sounds like a winning solution for everyone. Our mission is to create a better life for people everyday and we are excited about serving you on this resale journey!

Custom Print Shop

We also custom have a custom print shop where we print t-shirts, apparel, mugs, tumblers and more. Through our business we support our local community and schools by participating in fundraisers and giving back. When you support us, you help to support our give back initiative. We can fail by ourselves by it takes all of us to succeed.