Interview with Big Brand Wholesale
Interview with Big Brand Wholesale

Fellow Sellers You MUST Follow: LEE'S TREASURE CHEST Interview

Posted by Big Brand on 4th Dec 2020                                             (link to original blog

It’s the first week of December and you know what that means; it's time for another installment of Sellers You Must Follow, a series in which we introduce you to a fellow seller you absolutely must get to know. Today we had the opportunity to interview the fantastic husband-and-wife duo known as Lees Treasure Chest. I can honestly tell you that these are some of the nicest people you will ever meet, so here's your chance to get to know them and learn about their business, how they started and all the other details you don't want to miss.  Enjoy the interview ~ 

Tori (Owner, Where are you located and where do you sell?

Steven and Kimberly, (Owners, Lees Treasure Chest):  We are based in Michigan and we sell lots of places. You can check out some of our merchandise on our website, or eBayMercariPoshmark along Facebook Market Place and on the Curtsy App.  You can always find us with ease by searching for Lees Treasure Chest, we are pretty much everywhere you are!

Wow!  You stay busy with all those sites! How many active listings do you have? 

As of right now it is about 100 which we trying to increase to about 200

How long did it take you to get that many listings? 

It only took about 3 months consistently sourcing, listing, and photographing. We initially focused on eBay which allowed us to become a Top Rated Seller in that time. Consistency is the key.

Oh my goodness, you hit Top Rated in 3 months?! Congratulations!  So how many hours would you say you list / photo / ship / sell per day? And how on earth do you find time for life? 

About 3-4 hours a day we both of us tag teaming the work. We both have full time jobs currently as well but the expectation and goal is that by this time next year one of us will leave that to focus on our reselling business full time. We balance all things in our household and business with nothing taking over the other one. What helps us is that our kids that really help so that they are learning the key business principle about life. Which is when you put in the work and add value to people’s lives you will be rewarded. People will pay for what you have if you add value; serve people.

That is so awesome that you get to work with each other.  Not only can you spend time together but you can also earn money!  How old are your children?

We have four. Two are in college but the younger two are ages 15 and 12.

Four kids! I don't know how you do it because my hands are full with only two and they haven't hit college yet!  So, on Poshmark, how many followers do you have?

We have about 3,500 followers because we have only recently started selling on Poshmark.

I know you sell a little of everything, but if you had to pick, what are your fav things to sell? 

Hands down is electronics!  As soon as they come in within a week if not less they are gone. Video game systems, iPads, phones and etc. That is our foundational product because that is what we know.

That's great!  I think electronics are my least favorite category that just proves that what one seller dislikes is gold to another seller and online sellers should buy in categories they don't personally enjoy selling in because it ALL sells!  How many sales would you guess you have on an average week?

Weekends are really strong for us and I would say 10-15 but we are only reselling part time as of now. Certainly that will change in the future.

Absolutely it will change! You guys are so motivated and so motivating for others!  What advice would you have for new sellers who just started out and feels so overwhelmed?

Biggest advice for new resellers we would give is to know your purpose before you start and take 3-4 months just doing research. Your purpose will dictate how much time, money and resources you are going to put into your business. Our purpose is to go full time so we are willing to put everything into it from listings, clear photos answering customer's questions in a timely manner. If you don’t know your purpose you will have crappy descriptions, bad picture quality and won’t care about the customer. Without purpose you have know reason to exist. Before you download one app to sell on know your purpose. The money won’t be enough to keep you interested, you have to enjoy serving people. When you add value to people’s lives they will in exchange give you money. We guarantee that those who are successful at reselling know their purpose and it shows on their listings and selling platforms.

Wow, that is some profound advice!  I may have to save that excerpt for a future blog post because I couldn't have said it any better! As a quickly growing small business owner, I know how hard it is to afford everything you need to operate. What are some splurges that you are saving up to buy for work, excluding inventory? 

Well, we are saving up for an updated Mac Book Pro laptop or iPad Pro as we have worn out our old laptop with workload we now have. We take every dollar and re-invest and it has paid off so we are saving to a really good used Mac Book or iPad Pro is our next upgrade.

With this series I always try to "pay it forward" so I was going to surprise you with a new refurbished Mac Book Pro but when I looked on Amazon there are so many to choose from that I want you to pick something you really really like.  So, when you decide the time has come to purchase your Mac Pro, would like to donate $500 toward the cost.  So please reach out to us when you pick out the one you love.  It would mean a lot to us to help a fellow small business!  And when you make your first million in a year you can pay it forward and help another :) 

Now let's give our readers a chance to get to know you as people.  What are your favorite colors? 


Heck yes!  That's our fav too! What are your fav foods? 

Seafood (Shrimp in particular)

Shrimp is heaven!  Especially those Red Lobster ones!  I think I might be able to live off Red Lobster if given the opportunity.  What about your Hobbies? 

Reading, watching sci-fi, shopping, football, goofing around with kids playing xbox one S video game!

Thank you so much for taking the time to let our readers get to know you!  And to our readers, be sure to follow Lees Treasure Chest on whatever site you use.  They truly are amazing people that you will love!  If you are looking to grab some awesome little gifts for Christmas, Lees has the cutest packaging ever.  And, if you don't need anything, just say "hi" and tell them you're a friend of Big Brand Wholesale.  


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