There is no doubt we are in a digital age, with that being said, it's never been a better time to get a business website, or ensure yours is in peak shape. Here's some tips for making your online presence stunning.

Know your customer and add value for them

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If you’ve been in business for a little while, you probably have a good idea of who your customers are. This is some of the most valuable information you can have. Knowing your customer also means knowing their needs, and how your business can deliver. Are your customers largely using their phones to find your site? Do they travel to your location or do you deliver/ship to them? Asking these types of questions will help you decide how to cater your site for them and not you. Various stats indicate more people today are using their mobile devices as opposed to desktop computers. It is almost a given today that sites should be optimized for smart phones, but some should be made with them in mind if that is where they are finding you.

Consider your Competition

A good idea would be to read their reviews and take what they are not doing and use that information for what your site should be doing. The whole experience if for the customer. They dictate what works and what does not. 

Consider everything that represents you business

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From colors to shapes and photography. While these seems like something simple they affect the customers experience. Make your engaging, clean and just easy to browse through. Almost like going into a physical store with bright lighting, clean atmosphere and colors that are inviting. If all else fails simply ask your customers through a survey what they would like your site to be. Make sure to have payment options that your customers are using. Limiting your payment options can cost you money! It's like going to a store that only accepts cash when you planned to pay with a credit card.

It goes without saying that your social media presence needs to be in line with your website.

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Make sure people can find you. This is the step where the real work begins. Start with research before you do anything especially spending money without a plan. Make sure you are clear on the goals the website is to accomplish. Everyone's goals will be different, so make sure you have done the research before hand. Is the goal to drive traffic, get leads, build your brand locally and so on. That way, you can measure success against your plan and know when it's time to adjust.

While it can be a big task getting a website, if it is broken down into smaller manageable steps it can be a rewarding experience and additional revenue driver. When you add value to your customer they will reward you with a sale. Never stop learning.!