When COVID-19 hit it forced many who never shopped online to quickly adapt and learn how to do it. Those entrepreneurs who were already set up online were in prime position to welcome those new to the online shopping world. Instead of chaos entrepreneurs saw opportunity. Chaos causes organizations to retreat...but not always. Disney, CNN, MTV, Burger King, FedEx and The Jim Henson Company to name a few were all founded during periods of economic recession.

The pandemic has simply changed and in many instances pushed businesses to adapt. Despite the chaos and unpredictability brought on by the pandemic, businesses pivoted and many online retailers thrived. And the proof is in the numbers.


$307+ billion in global economic impact
These numbers aren’t only about economics; they’re about people. They’re about entrepreneurs. Those who dare to change the world from what it is into what it can become.It's about reinventing what people want. Change gives birth to unconventional ideas. Entrepreneurs give these ideas life in the form of a business to make the world a better place for everyone. Our world is changing and it is because of entrepreneurship. Individuals that are not scared to embrace the chaos and not wait until the time is right. The time will never be just right.
Entrepreneurship is about creating something that is interesting, that meets a need for your customer. Once that happens something almost magical happens. Success will follow. Serve people by meeting a need they have. That is what entrepreneurship is all about.