It seems today that every where you look these days everyone is trying to reach the next level of greatness in some capacity. But in today's ultra competitive world, achievement isn't as easy as a good quote. In an environment where information is constantly changing, how can we all take our game to the next level? How can we reach our full potential?

Having spent the last 20 years working with some very inspiring individuals that have made a profound effect on my life, I've seen what drives progress and what fuels it. I have taken a little something from each one of them and accordingly, here are 10 simple suggestions to help you reach your next level of greatness:

1. Energize others.

2. Be straight forward and tell it like it is.

3. Commit to lifelong learning.

4. Be interested instead of interesting.

5. Race toward your fears instead of running from them.

6. Be more curious.

7. Extend trust freely and earn it in return.

8. Pursue passion, not money.

9. Talk less, listen more.

10. Stand for something bigger than yourself.